Month: November 2017

Hayley Skinner


Hayley Skinner is a Graduate Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (GCILEX) and has over 14 years’ specialist knowledge of criminal law. Hayley obtained her degree in Law from Staffordshire University and obtained her Police Station Accreditation in 2012. Hayley has a wealth of knowledge and experience having dealt with clients accused of the most serious offences such as terrorism, murder, large scale fraud, dishonesty, rape, robbery and burglary. Hayley has a keen eye for detail and a particular interest in police station work and serious complex cases and prides herself on going the extra mile for her clients.

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan is a member of the criminal investigations defence team here at Crown Defence. Jonathan represents clients from the initial stages in the police stations through the court process.

Jonathan is police station accredited to provide representation at the police station and is an experienced barrister, having been called to the Bar in 1999.

He specialises in defending serious criminal offences and has proved himself in ensuring that digital evidence is always properly served to ensure that clients are given the tools to properly instruct experts where required and build robust defences, with a focus on detail. Jonathan has represented clients in the most serious of allegations at the police station, including sexual offences and terrorism.

Jonathan is also a member of Kenworthy’s Chambers, he also receives instructions in relation to regulatory offences, especially concerning the New Roads and Street Works Act and has travelled the country successfully defending utility companies. Here at Crown Defence we are experienced in regulatory and company offences, Jonathan is an asset to the developing corporate defence team.

It is always of benefit to know your opposition and how the prosecutors will be approaching a case, Jonathan has extensive prosecution experience so adds value to cases by knowing how he would prosecute the matter. He has reached the highest category of 4 on the CPS grading and has been authorised to prosecute sexual offences

Kelly Cyples

Kelly Cyples

We are excited to confirm that Kelly will be joining the team to support representation from the police station through to Court.

Kelly began her career in criminal practice over 10 years ago, initially representing clients at police stations.

Kelly has experience in Magistrates’ and Crown Court matters, having been a Higher Court Advocate before transferring to the Bar in 2016.

We provide prison law advice and representation, our clients benefit from us holding a legal aid contract to provide prison law advice and representation, kelly is an asset to the team as she has experience in prison law.

Kelly is a tenacious advocate who utilises her breadth of experience to her clients’ advantage. We are looking forward to her joining the team.

Kelly is a member of 23 Essex Street Chambers, whom we instruct regularly on complex criminal Crown Court matters.

Nicky Mondair

Nicky Mondair

Nicky has a wealth of experience in defending cases of gravity across a broad spectrum of criminal work. Since qualifying she has specialised in all types of Criminal defence, advising and representing individuals at all stages of the criminal litigation process from initial interview through to trial. Her practise experience covers a broad range of offences from: violent disorder, Murder, rape, Child abuse and Blackmail to large scale multi defendant conspiracies relating to drugs, human trafficking and fraud. She’s developed specialism in dealing with cases involving technical evidence including cell site evidence.

Nicky is known for my meticulous preparation, good eye for detail and ability to deal with complex evidence and challenging areas of law. She truly understand the importance of a trusting relationship between Solicitor and client and is committed to provide practical and tailored advice to all of her clients. She is extremely passionate about her work and aims to provide very sensitive yet robust approach to each and every case she deals with.

Michael Wetton

Michael Wetton

Michael was admitted as a solicitor in 2000. He is a robust experienced advocate and is a qualified duty solicitor. He has been on the West Midlands and Manchester Magistrates Court Circuits since qualification, dealing with a vast array of matters.

Michael has significant experience in preparing complex high value frauds, to include international carousel frauds,  VAT frauds, drugs conspiracies and money laundering cases of the highest level. Michael is a grade A supervising solicitor  and is an approved grade A case supervisor for VHCC (Very High Cost Case) matters.

Michael brings a wealth of experience to the firm and supports the supervision of cases, following a step back from advocacy to follow other business ventures for short period on 2017. We are thrilled to have him on the team and for our clients to benefit from his wealth of criminal defence experience.

David Houldcroft


David is a Solicitor Advocate having qualified in 1991. He is a qualified Police Station and Court Duty Solicitor and regularly appears in the magistrates courts. In addition David has higher rights of audience and appears in the Crown Court on a regular basis. He specialises in criminal defence, this in house speciality allows continuity of representation.

David has won numerous Crown Court trials including allegations of rape ,historic sexual assault, Dangerous driving, assault, public order, drugs and many more. He has also been led by QC on a five week Murder trial in Leicester Crown Court.

David has over 25 years of experience in criminal defence work. David has previously worked as a Crown Prosecutor and Local authority Prosecutor He has previously been a principal member of his own law firm for a number of years but now focuses on heavyweight high profile advocacy work, spending most days at Court.

David joined Crown Defence in 2017, he continues to represent those accused in the most serious of cases in the police station and at Court. David is a valued member of the team adding a wealth of experience.

Glyn Dale-Jones


I am a highly experienced company and commercial lawyer, having dealt with a wide range of areas of law in a career spanning over 40 years. I have an outstanding academic record but have a long track record of giving practical and commercial advice and solving major legal problems for clients. Over my career I have acted for FTSE 100 companies, foreign multi-nationals, NHS Trusts and SME’s and am ‘trusted adviser’ to several SME’s. I interact well with people and have an excellent track record of business development and forging long-term relationships with clients.

I deal with most corporate and commercial matters subject to English law, but not court proceedings, and I do not advise on taxation (including stamp duty and stamp duty land tax), except on the most general basis. I set out below examples of the subject areas that I cover:


  • Share sales and purchases
  • Business/asset sales and purchases
  • Share buy-backs
  • Banking (acting for the borrower)
  • Security documentation for private companies (debentures, facility agreements and related documentation)
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Alphabet share structures
  • Articles of association
  • Company procedure and administration (including advising on regulations relating to persons with significant control)
  • Company formation and constitution
  • Corporate governance
  • Directors’ powers and duties
  • Share capital, structure, allotments and transfers
  • Shareholder rights and remedies
  • Reorganisations
  • Partnerships and LLP’s
  • Anti-bribery and corruption policies
  • Unincorporated associations and their constitutions
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Charities


  • Joint ventures
  • Development agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Software development and licensing agreements
  • Distribution and agency agreements
  • Terms of business
  • Website terms of use and privacy policy
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Heads of terms/ letters of intent
  • Franchising
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Supply of goods and services agreements
  • General insolvency (not acting for liquidators or administrators)
  • Guarantees and indemnities
  • Protection, assignment and licensing of intellectual property rights (including in the employment context)
  • Data protection
  • Powers of attorney
  • Hire agreements
  • Assignment/novation of agreements
  • Contractual disputes (up to issue of proceedings)
  • Dispute settlement agreements
  • General commercial agreements


I was a director of INWARD, the then regional investment agency for the North West, for many years.  I have been a governor and then chairman of the governors of Mostyn House School, an independent day school charitable trust, for many years. I was until recently chairman of the trustees of a client defined benefit pension scheme, having been a trustee for over 20 years. It was wound up in 2016.


My main sporting interest is now skiing and the rest of the year I keep fit for skiing. My wife and I have a house in northwest Italy and we spend as much time as possible there, having a keen interest in Italian wine and food and all other things Italian. I have a fully-equipped office there too and look after my UK clients from the UK or Italy as appropriate.

Fiona Matthew

Fiona Matthew, head the new Crown Family Law department on 1st April 2018. Fiona is a leading family law solicitor, she has extensive experience in all areas of Family law. Fiona has an appreciation for ancillary matters, including experience in dealing with clients who have a family member or spouses subject to Proceeds of Crime Act Proceedings.

Family is one of the most demanding areas of law as it involves clients going through the most emotional, difficult time of their lives. Family law requires a cool head to help guide clients.

The emotional rollercoaster involved in separation leaves clients with feelings of anger, confusion and fear. You know your life is changing and you want someone to guide you though the process that has empathy, experience and an ability to advise sensitively.

Fiona Matthew is an experienced practitioner in the Family Court, Crown Court, High Court and Supreme Court. You can be confident that Fiona will provide you with the expertise you need in the areas below and more:

  • Divorce
  • Children Act Proceedings – Maintenance, Residence, Contact and Guardianship
  • Hague Convention Proceedings
  • Judicial Separation
  • Separation Agreements
  • Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

No doubt your friends and family will want to help and will give you information. Some of the information provided will be accurate, however, some of the information will be based on previous experience (which may be out of date), the latest soap opera or a general search of the internet.

It is extremely important that you are provided with accurate, pragmatic advice at an early stage.

Fiona litigates firmly, however, she is keen to ensure that clients have accurate advice which sometimes is not particularly palatable.

Children Law:

Children are the biggest consideration that separating clients have. How do I protect them? am I better to stay in an unhappy relationship “for the sake of the children”? Children are not fools they know when their parents are unhappy and there is tension in the family home. Children are resilient and having two happy parents living separately is often more beneficial than two unhappy parents living together.

It is vital to take expert advice regarding your options.

The most common questions are: What will happen when I leave or my partner leaves me? What are the financial consequences of separation? How will my children deal with the separation? Where will we live? How can I manage financially? What will happen regarding tax credits? What will happen about pensions? What child support am I entitled to?

Whatever you decide, you need expert help and advice: It can be a short or long journey but Fiona will support you all the way, offering expert advice, while you make the ultimate decisions that will affect your life.

If you are still unsure that you need a solicitor then make an appointment to see Fiona. You will have a better idea of what is involved and be in a position to make an informed choice.

Fiona offers a caring, professional, confidential service to clients.

Joanna White

Joanna White

Joanna is a criminal defence lawyer with a specialist knowledge of Confiscation and Restraints law (Proceeds of Crime Act 2002), Joanna has a wealth of experience in preparing Proceeds of Crime cases that are pursued by the Prosecution following convictions for a whole spectrum of offences including drugs supply, money laundering and a vast variety of fraud offences, misleading/aggressive/unfair commercial practices and burglary. Joanna has worked within this area of law since 2011 and qualified as a Solicitor in 2014; Joanna is a Solicitor-Advocate having obtained Higher Rights of Audience. Joanna also has experience in the preparation of criminal regulatory cases, which have been prosecuted under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

James Morris

James Morris

James is senior solicitor within the criminal defence department. He has over 10 years of experience of dealing with defence of criminal related matters from the earliest Police Station stage, to the Magistrates’ Courts and also at Crown Court. James also has an interest in Proceeds of Crime work, having represented clients in the most complex of confiscation cases.
James obtained his law degree from the University of Birmingham and undertook vocational training at Staffordshire University. He has practised in various court centres across England and Wales, most regularly in the Midlands and North West.

James regularly attends Magistrates’ courts as an advocate dealing with all criminal offences including matters where the client is a young person under 18 years of age. He often represents clients at the Police Station when they are first arrested and has a strong ethos that preparation of a client’s defence at the earliest stage is key to securing the best possible result. In many cases, James has secured a withdrawal of proceedings by the prosecution. Client care is of paramount importance and in order to ensure continuity, James will maintain ownership and responsibility for cases from beginning to end.

James is an expert in motoring defence, assisting clients in preserving their licence and obtaining the best possible outcome at Court.
James is the leading advocate at Crown Defence for enforcement proceedings in Proceeds of Crime matters, having successfully defended numerous clients and preventing the activation of default periods of imprisonment.