Jonathan Turner

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan is a member of the criminal investigations defence team here at Crown Defence. Jonathan represents clients from the initial stages in the police stations through the court process.

Jonathan is police station accredited to provide representation at the police station and is an experienced barrister, having been called to the Bar in 1999.

He specialises in defending serious criminal offences and has proved himself in ensuring that digital evidence is always properly served to ensure that clients are given the tools to properly instruct experts where required and build robust defences, with a focus on detail. Jonathan has represented clients in the most serious of allegations at the police station, including sexual offences and terrorism.

Jonathan is also a member of Kenworthy’s Chambers, he also receives instructions in relation to regulatory offences, especially concerning the New Roads and Street Works Act and has travelled the country successfully defending utility companies. Here at Crown Defence we are experienced in regulatory and company offences, Jonathan is an asset to the developing corporate defence team.

It is always of benefit to know your opposition and how the prosecutors will be approaching a case, Jonathan has extensive prosecution experience so adds value to cases by knowing how he would prosecute the matter. He has reached the highest category of 4 on the CPS grading and has been authorised to prosecute sexual offences

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