Katie McCreath

Katie McCreath

Katie is a specialist in the field of serious and high profile criminal defence, this includes high worth frauds, violent crimes and terrorism. Katie is a leading practitioner in confiscation defence with an acute interest in financial and company offences.  Katie is a Higher Courts Advocate and is an approved solicitor on the Legal Aid Agencies Very High Costs Case Panel.

Katie oversees the dedicated confiscation department at Crown Defence and acts as a leading advocate on many Proceeds of Crime cases. The team has seen great success having saved clients over £1/2 billion! Her team, and the high-quality experts she appoints, have helped shape current confiscation law today, Katie is driven to challenge the draconian process of confiscation for her clients. The team have worked on many leading cases which has helped improve the position of individuals who find themselves subject to this harsh and draconian area of the law.

Spotting a niche specialist area, which other firms omitted to grasp, Katie developed a bespoke Confiscation & Restraints department in 2009, initially heading a small department, which developed into the largest and most successful Confiscation defence team in the Country.

Katie prides herself on obtaining the best conceivable results at the earliest stage possible to reduce the stress suffered by those subject to criminal investigations, which is a significantly different approach to that taken by most defence solicitors. A large proportion of Katie’s cases are withdrawn by the prosecution prior to a charge decision, due to the diligent preparation by Katie and her team during the early stages.

Katie has headed the defence of many high-profile matters this year which have been discontinued, these include terrorism, high value fraud, domestic violence and historical sexual offences. Katie and her team provide the highest quality service, with appreciation for the impact of criminal proceedings on all aspects of a client life, as such Katie and her team assist their clients on related ancillary matters, including the impact on contracts, employment and media.

Katie has also successful represented U.K nationals in overseas proceedings with the assistance of foreign partners.

Katie continues to deal with all aspects of Serious Crime defence on a daily basis from police investigation to appeals, including; Terrorism, Serious fraud, People Trafficking, Trade Mark, Money laundering, Drug offences, Murder, Appeals, High Profile & High Value Confiscations.

Katie was elected onto the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Committee (POCLA) bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the association.

Katie also has a keen interest in the equestrian field competing on a national level and as a consequence in 2014 she was appointed by British Show jumping to sit on the disciplinary panel. Katie sits on the panel as a national competitor and legal expert. In addition Katie is the Staffordshire and West-midlands representative for British Show jumping members heading the regions committee.

Katie is an active member of The Women in Business Association

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