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Motoring &
Transport Law

Crown Defence Solicitors appreciates how important your Driving Licence is to you. That is why you need our assistance. The team have years of experience in finding ways to defend cases or when that is not realistic we look to ensure that any penalty points or fines are kept to a minimum.

Unlike many firms or so called specialist websites we do not have a panel of lawyers but instead have experienced solicitors who spend most days dealing with cases in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts around the country. We believe that this gives us then you an advantage as we know the system and what gets results in these situations.

We are often instructed when clients have been let down by the solicitors provided as part of their motoring insurance. The reason is that often those firms work on a percentage basis so if they are not sure of a success they will not take the risk. You can guess that they are large firms with little experience of the reality of the courts. They will simply read files and then instruct others to attend court. We know that the risks are often worth taking as you have lots to lose but little to gain by just pleading guilty. Our business is heavily based on recommendations so good results are what define us.

Crown Defence Solicitors deploy experts to assist in supporting defence arguments to include, post driving alcohol consumption experts (hipflask defences) medical expert evidence, especially in cases where failing to provide a specimen is alleged, drug experts and road traffic Collision investigators.

Of course there are occasions when the motoring offences are more serious and lead to matters being sent to the Crown Court. Although we have a number of solicitors who are Higher Court Advocates we will often want to involve barristers who specialise in motoring defence and are experienced with the Crown Courts. If needed, we will recommend a selection of barristers that fit both your case and your budget. If we do instruct a barrister remember you remain our client and that the barrister is instructed by us on your instructions. We and you retain control and make the decisions together.

We deal with all levels of offences with particular emphasis on these:-

  • Speeding/ Totting up

    we will look at whether there are defences or if you are at risk of disqualification we prepare a case to put forward an “Exceptional Hardship” argument to avoid disqualification.

  • Failing to give details/ nominate a driver (s.172 offences)

    prosecutions under this area continue to increase. As they carry a 6 point penalty they are more serious than the speeding offence that causes them. We will look to defend with the background of the police relying on 1st class post or look to argue a substitute charge that carries fewer points.

  • Failing to report/ Failing to stop

    these are offences that are often used by the police when they cannot prove other offences they believe may have happened. This means there is often problems with the evidence that we can investigate.

  • Due care

    You will often be summonsed with this because the police believe someone must of caused the collision as there is no such thing as an accident! It is for the prosecution to show beyond reasonable doubt that you were at fault. You can probably see why such cases are worth investigating rather than simply pleading guilty.

  • Excess Alcohol

    there may be issues with incorrect procedures, with prescribed medication or back calculations. We can also advise on specific areas such as special reasons (that avoid disqualification) or whether there is a specific defence.

  • Dangerous Driving

    This is a serious offence but will often be charged if police believe high speed or dangerous overtaking. It may be necessary to look at instructing an expert as often the suggested speeds are not actually obtainable.

  • Death by dangerous driving

    A very serious offence. We have dealt with many cases and we refer these to our solicitors who are specialised in serious and/ or complex crime cases.

We are based in the Midlands, Staffordshire, Manchester & Merseyside so can access most courts and are used to travelling throughout the county.