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Serious Fraud &
Criminal Defence

At Crown Criminal Defence, we have a specialist team of experienced criminal defence practitioners. The team comprises of numerous approved criminal case supervisors under the Legal Aid Agency scheme and a number of Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) supervisors, who are responsible for overseeing the preparation of the department’s cases. In addition, we have a team of solicitors and caseworkers who are used to dealing with the largest fraud cases and most serious criminal offences. We cover cases across the country, with cases in London, Liverpool, Manchester and The Midlands running at all times. The members of the team have expertise in other areas such as prison law, immigration, Proceeds of Crime and motoring, which compliments the core criminal defence work.

Our team at Crown Criminal Defence includes accredited duty solicitors and accredited police station representatives. Additionally, many of our solicitors also hold higher rights of audience at the Crown Court, allowing continuity throughout our clients’ proceedings. Our team includes fee earners with accounting qualifications which is of great assistance in matters of a financial nature, again providing that advantage for our clients in respect of case preparation.

Crown Criminal Defence work with some of the most highly regarded experts to include Queens Counsel and Forensic Accountants.

We believe that the success in our work relies on two elements. The first is to make sure that cases are carefully prepared by the team. The second part is where we believe we excel and that is to look at other options that may just give clients the edge.

It is of benefit that the majority of our team started work in general criminal defence departments and that they have then progressed to the more serious and complex cases. This means they are used to the procedures and tactics at all levels which ensures they have years of experience in putting together the work required to defend cases.

In relation matters within the lower criminal courts, we have solicitors who attend the Magistrates’ Courts on a regular basis and this combines with work in the area of motoring defence. We appreciate that the cases described as less serious by others may be extremely serious to you with the prospects of a conviction, loss of employment and even the prospect of a custodial sentence.

Fraud & Serious Crime – Specific Areas & Investigations

We will be able to guide with initial investigations or interviews all the way through to court hearings should the case progress. Our team specialise in pre-charge defence, we have vast experience in defending high value and high profile cases and preventing our clients from distress of being charged with a criminal offence. We are experienced in matters which require significant ancillary work, in particular managing the press, contracts and sponsors throughout the investigation period, to include high profile celebrities.

We think the areas we really know are:-

  • Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

    The majority of large fraud cases start with HMRC and you will need us to advise on the different techniques and powers they have.

  • Terrorism

    We have a specialist Terrorism defence solicitor who has worked on the largest terrorism investigations this country has seen and secured release for her clients. We have successfully represented suspects accused of being involved in the 2017 Manchester Area Bombing, The IRA, ISIS and far right extremist groups.

  • Police

    Many people may be able to give advice on how average police investigations are undertake. It takes a different approach when dealing with more complex or serious enquiries as these will be conducted by Major Incident Teams or specific units such as TITAN or RART. These teams will employ controlled disclosure techniques at interviews and will often have multiple interview teams to deal and co-ordinate with large operations.

  • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

    Once the HMRC or the Police have started an investigation they will seek advice from the CPS both on the preparing of the case and the final decision on whether to prosecute so taking the case to court. In the more complex or serious cases there are again specialist units dealing with those cases. They often prepare and serve the cases differently and it helps that we have seen the procedures many times.

  • National Crime Agency (NCA)

    This is a relative new organisation that has taken over the role of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). They were given the remit to get more involved with addressing organised crime and to improve the results obtained by SOCA. We have seen that they are much more pro-active and adopting surveillance and telephone analysis that is more like what you would expect from specialised police units. They also have the added powers and the remit to address the international dimension on cases.

  • County Councils & Trading Standards

    It is surprising how many investigations and prosecutions are brought by the Trading Standards departments that are within the County Councils. They have their own funding and use in-house legal teams to take matters to court. They are taking a lot of time just now to focus on businesses that arrange to sell through telephone calls and home visits. We have successfully defended some of the largest Trading Standards investigations including a recent successful application to dismiss on a £1/2million trade mark offences matter in Liverpool in relation to a high profile footwear brand.

  • Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS)

    We have seen an increase in investigations and prosecutions by this department. We have experience with dealing with these both on a civil and criminal basis. We can also advise as to the possible cross-disclosure by them to other government departments such as HMRC.

  • Royal Mail

    This is not an organisation that most people associate criminal investigations with. There is though a criminal investigations department that can investigate and prosecute both employees and customers. The two most recent examples are the alleged frauds by Postmasters & businesses misusing the bulk mail processes on mail order goods.

  • Environmental Agency

    This is again a stand-alone agency that deals with its own investigations and prosecutions against individuals and businesses. Whilst the risk of custodial sentences can be low the fines involved on conviction are often designed to simply put you or company out of business. This is an area where we work together with our business defence team.

  • Younger suspects

    Crown Criminal Defence has a specialist youth defence team, the team appreciate the added difficulties faced by young suspects and their families, the court system is slightly different for younger suspects and our team is here to help guide and support client and their families through the process.

The types of offences you may expect help with are:-

Serious Fraud / Dishonesty offences

Conspiracy to defraud, Fraudulent Trading, Insider Trading, Money Laundering, Evasion of Duty, Illegal Money Lending and Miss-selling offences

General Crime

Assaults, Public Disorder, Dishonesty, Motoring Burglary, Wounding, Theft from employer and sexual assaults.

Serious Crime offences

Murder, Conspiracy to import/supply drugs, Possession of firearms, Perverting the Course of Justice, terrorism, historical sexual offences and regulatory offences.

Youth Crime

If you need advice on these types of cases please contact us and we will discuss.