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If you or your business is confronted with a criminal investigation of any nature, requested to attend the police station or you are already subject to a prosecution in the court system contact us today. Crown Defence will seek to assist with obtaining funding on your behalf, legal aid assistance is available for most matters, including some driving offences.

Our team of carefully selected solicitors have the expertise to act for you with the utmost skill, providing the highest quality of legal representation whilst supporting you compassionately, through what is without doubt the one of the most stressful times of your life.

Your choice of representation may be the most important decision of your life and in many cases it effects those around you including your family. We understand the impact a conviction will have on any individual and we strive to maintain the best possible outcome for all clients. Our highly skilled team have hand-picked numerous
Barristers and independent experts who can support a range of defences and ensure that each client has a bespoke team to suit the requirements of their case.

If you are aware that a complaint has been made against your or that the police want to speak to you, we can help ensure that the matter is dealt with in the best possible way. In many instances we take the burden away by talking to the authorities on your behalf and making arrangements for you, in some cases taking away the stress of a pending arrest.

If you have already attended the police station and have been charged with a criminal offence, you have a choice of representation following charge, even if you had a
solicitor present during the interview process.

Our dedicated Magistrates Court Team has infinite experience of all cases which may come before the magistrates’ courts, within the team there is an appreciation for ancillary matters which can cause added concern for those subject to criminal proceedings. Consequently, we have individuals within the team with expertise in immigration, employment, prison law, finance and managing the media. We are here to lead you through process, with detailed preparation work and the best representation at court.

Our Services:

  • Corresponding  with authorities and third parties on your behalf;
  • Arrange and attend an interview;
  • Prepare your defence from the earliest possible stage, including ensuring  the authorities properly and impartially investigate any matter;
  • Seek to assist in ensuring a prompt investigation;
  • Apply for bail;
  • Challenge a restraint order;
  • Assess evidence and any defence then sensibly advise on the best  options;
  • Act for individual effected by cash forfeiture or a financial restraint who  are not subject to a criminal investigation;
  • Where there is no sufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution  prepare dismissal applications;
  • Negotiate with the authorities. Some individuals want to enter a guilty  plea and deal with matters quickly, in these cases we seek to achieve the  best possible outcome by obtaining the minimal penalty for you, by  preparing detailed and supported mitigation on your behalf;
  • Identify and deal with defence witnesses;
  • Instruct the full range of experts to provide evidence to support your  defence where required.
  • Prepare for trial;
  • Advocacy in all Courts;
  • Appeal advice and representation;
  • POCA and ancillary matters.

The team at Crown defence has seen great success with high acquittal levels and significant reductions as to the penalties our clients have faced, below are examples of the areas the team have seen recent success in;

  • Road traffic offences
  • the full range of drugs offences, including high profile and high value  conspiracies
  • assaults
  • criminal damage
  • benefit fraud
  • domestic violence
  • Public order offences
  • theft/handling stolen goods
  • terrorism
  • manslaughter
  • fraud
  • public order offences
  • false imprisonment
  • harassment
  • anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs)
  • dangerous dogs
  • RCPCA animal cruelty offences
  • breach of court orders
  • possession of weapons
  • drunk and disorderly

We are able to act in most matters before the criminal courts and can advise you on your options, including funding. Call us today for independent and quality legal advice.