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Prison Law Advice
& Representation

The Prison and Detention Law Team at Crown Prison Solicitors has a specialist team of experienced Prison and Detention Law solicitors and lawyers in all aspects of Prison Law including those detained under different powers including for Immigration offences. We are active members of the Association of Prison Lawyers and are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency in the area of Prison Law.

We represent clients that are detained in prisons stretching across the whole of the UK and as we offices in Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Manchester we are perfectly placed to attend upon you wherever you may be detained. We have also implemented innovative video conferencing at our offices meaning that we can now arrange legal visits by way of video link to provide prompt attendance upon all our clients as cases progress. Whilst arranging personal visits at prisons can take time our in-house video conferencing facilities enable us to attend upon you much quicker than attending in person. A video link facility is now offered by a vast number of prisons around the UK.

We continue to offer Legal Aid in the area of Prison and Detention Law despite changes in funding arrangements introduced by the Government in 2013. We represent clients under the Legal Aid Scheme where eligible however understand that many clients may not be eligible for Legal Aid or Public Funding. Should this happen then our Prison and Detention Law team will still represent you under private funding arrangements. We offer low fixed fees for the majority of work not covered by Legal Aid so that our clients always know how much they will need to pay at the outset.

To compliment our experience Crown Prison Solicitors work with some of the most highly regarded experts including Leading and Queens Counsel in matters of complexity. This may arise in the field of Judicial Review when challenging the lawfulness of decisions made by authorities including the Parole Board and the Prison Service.

Our dedicated team of Prison and Detention Law experts continue to represent those detained in prison throughout England and Wales in all aspects of prison law. We offer a full range of services including the following:

  • Adjudications (Governor and independent)

    Very often our clients find themselves being placed on report where they are alleged to have committed an offence under the Prison Rules. If this happens then we may prepare written representations on your behalf so that the prison Governor will take this into account and we also advise and assist clients when challenging any negative decision following an adjudication. Personal representation before Governor adjudications is limited however we routinely advise clients that we may justify personal representation should your case meet the Tarrant criteria. If granted then we may conduct personal representation before the Governor.

  • Independent Adjudications (before an outside Judge)

    Very often cases are referred to a District Judge who acts as an Independent Adjudicator and should this happen then you are always entitled to personal legal representation. Crown Prison Solicitors has an unparalleled team of experienced advocates where we attend and represent you before the Judge. We are meticulous in preparing all cases in full to challenge the Prison Rules and prison officers to achieve the best possible result. Before an Independent Adjudicator clients may receive additional days on their sentence. It is vital to have such representation before Governor and Independent adjudications as a proven offence can have a negative effect on later applications that clients may make. This includes applying for re-release following recall, Parole Board hearings, applying for release on Home Detention Curfew (HDC) or recategorisation. Have Crown Prison Solicitors on your side. We are here to fight all cases to secure the best outcome.

  • Determinate Parole Reviews

    cases referred to the Parole Board before release may be considered. Should this apply then we will prepare your case in full and represent you before any oral hearing.

  • Recall to Prison

    The criminal courts impose prison sentences for a fixed period of time in many cases. Clients will find themselves released from prison at an earlier stage which may be after half the sentence has been served or after successful oral hearing before the Parole Board. When released clients are on “licence” and there will be conditions imposed that must be complied with in the community. These will also include the time left on the licence during which time the conditions must be complied with. It is only when this expires that the conditions no longer apply. Should clients receive an Indeterminate sentence for Public Protection (IPP) or be detained as a life sentence prisoner then conditions will continue to operate until reviewed.

    It is vital to know that if any of the conditions are broken or breached then clients may be returned to prison whilst the licence continues to run. We are experts in fighting your case so that you may be re-released on licence into the community at the earliest possible stage. Such cases are considered by the Parole Board who decide whether a client may be re-released. This may result in a full oral hearing before the Parole Board and we will represent you whilst preparing your case in full. The Board will consider a large dossier of documents prepared for your case and it is vital that you have expert representation on your side. This is particularly relevant as both the Offender Supervisor and Offender Manager will normally be required to attend and give live evidence before the Board. Crown Prison Solicitors will attend and cross-examine them to ensure that the evidence is fairly presented and to demonstrate that it is no longer necessary for you to remain detained.

  • Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection (IPP)

    These sentences came into effect on 4th April 2005 but were abolished by 2012 however there are many clients still detained as IPP prisoners. Once their minimum term or tariff expiry date has expired the prisoner may have a review of their detention conducted by the Parole Board. Initially there would be a paper review however where an oral hearing is requested and agreed by the Parole Board then this will proceed to a full hearing before members of the Parole Board. This can be a lengthy process and the hearing itself is similar to evidence being heard before a court.

    Crown Prison Solicitors will provide expert guidance at all stages from drafting and submitting written representations to the Parole Board and representing you in person at an oral hearing. It is this process that determines whether release on parole is granted. We have many years of experience conducting personal advocacy by Solicitor Advocates in Higher Courts and are experienced defence advocates. We are perfectly placed to provide expert representation at such hearings.

  • Immigration Detainees

    There are many inmates detained in UK prisons for Immigration offences. Sometimes this is for separate criminal offences however very often non-British citizens find themselves detained only under Immigration legislation. Clients may be detained at Immigration detention or removal centres and also within prisons that are normally used for those on remand or convicted of a criminal offence. Crown Prison Solicitors has a separate Immigration department that fights for release on behalf of Immigration detainees either on Temporary Admission or under Immigration bail. Clients will be advised under the Legal Aid scheme if eligible however if not then we offer fixed fees so that clients are aware of costs involved. Our Immigration department works closely with the Prison and Criminal departments and our Immigration Team has longstanding experience of fighting for release before Immigration Tribunals. Contact our Immigration department and we will guide you through this process.

Crown Prison Solicitors can also help with other aspects of |Prison Law including applying for Home Detention Curfew (HDC) and sentence calculation.

We welcome the opportunity to work on your behalf.